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I'm in the News! [Jun. 19th, 2008|01:10 am]
The Rascal King
This is very exciting for me.
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Yet Another New Year. [Jan. 20th, 2008|12:13 am]
The Rascal King
A New Year, and new Beginnings, one of which being the rebirth of my Journal (yeah, we'll see how that one lasts).

Well, its 2008 now! Bloody hell, its almost the future!

Not really sure how to go about this, its been a while since I last updated, so not sure what to include.

Since my last update, I have been carrying on with the usual, this being, Uni, Socialising and whatever else it is I waste my time doing. I am having to repeat my 1st Year of Forensic Investigation, which is all well and good, but ever so ever so boring, seeing as I've done all the lectures before. Other than that, Uni goes well. 
I am looking at the moment for a new place to live, with Ross, Jaz, Coop and Ben, which shall be good times indeed. 

A few big developments since the last update. 
-Firstly, my parents have broken up. Ahh, anyone who's been reading about me for a while (I doubt there are many left) knew this was going to happen eventually. So, big whatever.
-Secondly, I have a lady friend! Indeed, 'tis truths. She's pretty awsome, but she could be better.

Other than that, its general day to day life for me. No arguing with my housemates at the moment, they're pretty cool. Well, far cooler than the idiots I was loaded with last year.
I'm still in need and want of a job.
I still go to the pub alot, but now I know everyone there, its really very cool. I'm officially a regular. I play on the pool team (to quite a proficient degree, I do belive), and every so often stay after hours to play poker (invariably to lose £5 to Charlie, the wanker).
I know alot of people in and around Canterbury now, the city really feels like home. Its a nice feeling.

I've got a few choice events coming up this year, notably Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto and Sonic Boom 6 live at the C2 on March 1. Also my lady friends birthday, so I'll be seeing her too.
Maybe going to see the Mad Caddies and Dropkick Murphies.

Other than that, the only peice of news I have, is that I am terribly ill, and it sucks.
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2007|08:47 pm]
The Rascal King
I got bored, and listed every band that I could think of that I've seen. Well, think of, and that the flyers that I have plastered all round my room today have told me that I've seen.

Less Than Jake x 8
Fandangle x 6
2nd Time Lucky x 5
The Meow Meows x 5
Once Over x 4
7 Day Consipiracy x 3
Too Many Crooks x 3
Invisible Jim x 3
Reel Big Fish x 2
The Big x 2
Flogging Molly x 2
Sonic Boom Six x 2
Chris Murray x 2
Ettin x 2
The Hotknives x 2
Just Called Charlie x 2
Fisticuffs x 2
M*A*S*H x 2
Death By Ska x 2
The Scaredy Cats x 2
The JB Conspiracy x 2
The Aquabats
The Epoxies
Gogol Bordello
The Dresden Dolls
7 Seconds of Love
Out of Luck
Drive By Diablo
Back Seat Drivers
Big Dance
Los Albertos
The Riffs
The Lock Up
Mr Shiraz
The Plan
Dan Potthaust
4 ft Fingers
Los Skalopes
The Karmatones
Pissed Skankers
Natalie Wouldn’t
Newtown Kings
Action Hank
Twice The Size
Captain Everything
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